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Groundwater study - taking a deeper look

22 July 2019 - Published by Jens Uvijn

Topsoil partners from the Waterboard Hunze & Aa’s presented the results of a study on the effects of climate change on groundwater within the Drentsche Aa  catchment area to colleague experts during a regional meeting in Drenthe on 29th of May.

The meeting was initiated to discuss the potential impacts of climate change on the groundwater system in this Nature2000 marshland area.  Ecologists, hydrologists and representatives from various nature organizations, the Province of Drenthe and the National Park Drentsche Aa reviewed the current situation with an aim to develop adaptation strategies for the future.

Main issue was the expected change in the Nature2000 area during the dry season as a result of climate change. Predictions of the groundwater models used show that the effects of the dry summer of 2018 may not be incidental – such a drought and the resulting negative impacts could happen more often in the future.

While some adaptive solutions were found for reducing the impacts on the groundwater, it became clear that we must also be prepared for changes in nature. The measurements presented from this study will serve as a starting point for further discussions regarding the development of climate adaptation solutions for the area. The resulting strategy should be a combination of measures within and outside the Nature2000 area, with a long-term perspective.