Resilient soil and water resources,
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Drenthe, groundwater and adaptation

27 November 2018 - Published by Jens Uvijn

Following the extremely dry summer of 2018, political interest in the effects of drought and the impact of climate change has increased significantly. Therefore, the Province of Drenthe organized a seminar for all stakeholders in October, to discuss the effects of drought and adaptation possibilities.

The group of almost forty participants first listened to various presentations, including updates on the impacts of subsiding groundwater levels and a long-term view on the effects of climate change for the region. The calculations made during the TOPSOIL project by Waterboard Hunze & Aa’s in the Drentsche Aa area were used as a basis.



The ensuing discussions focussed on how to tackle the challenges posed by a changing climate in terms of nature protection, agriculture and our drinking water supply. Representatives from regional waterboards, nature organizations, farmers unions, provincial authorities and drinking water companies shared their perspectives and ideas for potential adaptation measures and how to manage our groundwater for the future.