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tTEM – a new tool to investigate polluted sites

11 August 2020

The geophysical tTEM mapping tool was developed within TOPSOIL and has been tested for different purposes at different sites. The tests have shown that tTEM performs very successfully when used for i…

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Proud to present: our final report!

15 July 2020

After 4 years,  we have learnt a great deal about the challenges faced in groundwater management resulting from climate change. As a result of the pilot studies, we gained tremendous knowledge, which…

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Modelling subsoil in Drenthe

07 July 2020

One of the challenges in the coming years with climate change will be the adaptation of extremes in weather conditions. The knowledge of the capacity of the subsoil to store water will be crucial to …

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Water Co-Governance Conference

02 March 2020

Involvement as the key to understanding

Thanks to OOWV, 4 projects focussing on water quality and water governance were brought together to exchange ideas and experiences about stakeholder invo…

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Water Governance Conference 2020: You are invited!

27 January 2020

In sustainable water management, the protection of groundwater quality as well as quantity management are core activities of water providers such as the OOWV. Concepts such as ecosystem services or c…

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HO! HO! HO! It's the TOPSOIL Christmas newsletter!

20 December 2019

Best thing to do over Chrismas break? Read !

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Dutch report Dwarsdiep: the combi-scenario

28 November 2019

Within the TOPSOIL project, the Waterboard Noorderzijlvest worked together with Waterboard Hunze & Aa’s and the Province of Drenthe to provide the Dutch contribution for the Interreg collaborati…

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TOPSOIL maize workshop

13 November 2019

In September, The OOWV and the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (LWK) organized a joint exchange of experiences at the experimental station of the LWK in Wehnen, Germany.

The workshop on wat…

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End conference: Tackling climate change effects on soil and groundwater

31 October 2019

During the end conference, the TOPSOIL consortium introduced interested stakeholders to it’s exciting results. Participants got the chance to discover new technology, subsurface models, tested measure…

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