TOPSOIL workshop 'how to use climate scenario's within your pilot project'

Venue: University of Bremen - MARUM - Leobener Str.8 - 28359 Bremen

The TOPSOIL project includes 16 pilots that develop and test a broad range of tools for managing groundwater in times of climate change.
The question is not: which climate scenario should we all use, but why and how to use a certain climate scenario.

Date: 12th February 2019, 12.00h - 13th February 12.00h

Aims of the meeting:

  • Acknowledging the diversity in demands for climate scenarios in each pilot
  • Collect the reasons (Why?) climate scenarios are included in a pilot
  • Collect the different approaches on how climate scenarios are included in a pilot
  • Identify differences / similarities of
  • Identify shared criteria which have led to the choice of a specific climate scenarios in a pilot.