Mechelen: Cubee

On the 8th of November 2019, three Cubee smart lockers were installed in Mechelen. In these lockers, both parcel delivery and shipment is possible 24/7. By installing these lockers, the city of Mechelen is providing an answer to the continuously growing e-commerce, a trend that can no longer be denied.

The city chose to install the lockers in public space for various reasons:

  • A courier doesn’t have to go from street to street anymore, leaving the car engine running during a stop, etc., but can deliver all parcels at one location at once.

  • Missed deliveries are from the past, since all parcels can be delivered in the locker without failure. Now, couriers often have to return a second, third or even fourth time because of receivers not being home at the time of delivery.

  • Receivers don’t have to take in account opening hours of pick up points, but can pick up their parcel 24/7, whenever it suits them in combination with other errands.

In the city, there were already two Cubees: one at the railway station (managed by the railway company), and one at Rode Kruisplein. By installing the new lockers, the capacity of the Cubee at Rode Kruisplein almost doubled. The two other lockers were installed at parking Zandpoortvest and close to Veemarkt.


In December 2019, 1725 shipments and deliveries were registered only in the locker at Rode Kruisplein. That’s an average of 55 movements per day.

For the moment, the city of Mechelen is looking into a fourth location for one more locker. Because of the success in Mechelen, Cubee has already indicated interest in placing even more lockers in Mechelen, fully financed by Cubee itself. For the future, the city of Mechelen and Cubee are looking into innovative possibilities of the Cubees like cooled lockers for food deliveries, lockers where (bike)batteries can be recharged or using a locker as a sliding hatch for shared tools.