Groningen: Go-Fast City Logistics

Go-Fast Stadslogistiek (City Logisitics) offers a unique and efficient total package for zero-emission city logistics. Businesses in Groningen work together to improve the local economy and - at the same time – reduce motorized distribution in the city centre.

How does it work?

By using the most modern cargo bikes and trailers freights of up to 150 kilos per trip can be transported.

By collecting goods from various parties in one load and eliminating the last mile, both time and expense are saved. Our focus is on the businesses in the region and the city. This facilitates delivering products in a sustainable, emmission-free manner and enables us to bundle small freight flows and the distribution of local products.


Three forms of distribution

  • Only Mile: produce from a distributor in the city is transported to client within the city limits, by bike only.

  • First Mile: produce from a distributor in the city is transported by bike to the Go-Fast City Hub and then collected by another pary for transport to receivers beyond the city.

  • Last Mile: an external party transports goods from beyond the city limits to the Go-Fast City Logistics Hub in Groningen. The goods are then tranported by bike to receivers in the city centre

Efficiency, collaboration and a robust distribution network result in a cleaner and de-congested city centre. That is what Go-Fast City Logistics is all about!