Watch Mechelen’s moves to avoid delivery disruption

04 October 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat in the historic centre of Mechelen has been radically redesigned. The reconstruction works caused serious disruption for visitors but particularly for those who work and live in this busy shopping street. To limit the hassle for retailers, an alternative delivery plan was developed by the SURFLOGH partners at the City of Mechelen, together with BD Logistics.

Roos Lowette, our Flemish colleague, explains the idea: “Every day, suppliers from the different retailers deliver their goods to CityDepot - a hub at the edge of the city – where orders are bundled and transported to the shopkeepers. In collaboration with EKOkoeriers, cargo bikes are used as much as possible for deliveries.  CityDepot also offers the option to rent storage space, meaning retailers can use their shop space as efficiently as possible.”



Roos Lowette talks to stakeholders and explains the who, what, how and why of this sustainable cargo logistics solutions in Mechelen.

Saving time, money & environment

Suppliers are very pleased with this efficient delivery service as it means they no longer have to tackle the traffic in the city centre – saving a lot of time and money. And the less half-empty delivery vans there are driving around town,  the more pleasant the city environment is for everyone.

Popular concept, promising results

In fact, the alternative services introduced during the street’s upheaval are so popular that many retailers are sold on this green concept.  It is a promising, sustainable logistics solution for the future.

And the figures don’t lie. This pilot resulted in 399 consolidated deliveries and pick-ups, 255 trips avoided and 100 kg potential CO2 emissions saved.

Take a look at Mechelen’s moves to dodge disruption in this short movie about the pilot.


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