09 March 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
SURFLOGH has been working on smart and sustainable solutions for urban freight logistics for more than three years now. It's time to reflect and take score as we head for the final phase and our last partner meeting planned for the end of March. To introduce the project, its partners, aims and some achievments, we made a film. In case you missed it first time around...this is SURFLOGH in nutshell!

The SURFLOGH perspective on sustainable logistics combines a system and supply chain approach in developing 'smart' hubs, going beyond previous experiments and pilots that focussed on location. The consortium has tested a wide range of greener, smarter and more efficient solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more livable environment.

Connecting stakeholders

Basically the project is all about connecting the stakeholders involved in city logistics to jointly create and trial innovative  solutions for the logistics challenges our cities and the surrounding environments are facing. The consortium has supported many pilot initiatives, testing and evaluating in practice. 

All SURFLOGH partners are committed to a zero-emission future, in line with Europe's ambitions for 2030. 

Take a look at our project film and read more about it