There's Talk: Groningen as Cargo-bike Capital!

12 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Great news! We’re delighted to announce that the second edition of The Cargo Bike Talks will be broadcast live on 19th November at 3pm CET. Our Surflogh partners from the City of Groningen are once again joining up with The International Cargo-bike Festival organizers to discuss the future of cycling logistics in the inner city. Can Groningen become a cargo-bike capital?

The Municipality of Groningen is working on a future-proof and accessible city centre that is even more inviting for cyclists and pedestrians. With a lively and liveable city environment. Of course, shops and restaurants need to be supplied, so Groningen is looking for cleaner and smarter delivery solutions, in line with its new urban logistics policy for zero-emissions by 2025.

Cargo-bikes are 'part & parcel'

Cargo-bike (combination) deliveries are already ‘part and parcel’ of the current street view but there is room for growth. Groningen aims to become a cargo-bike capital by optimizing the possibilities for cycling logistics and replacing as many vans as possible with cargo-bikes and trailer combinations. 

Promising business opportunities

Many of Groningen’s cargo-bike initiatives are happening in co-operation with companies, showing how crucial private enterprise is to this transformation. In fact, some of the most promising business opportunities in the field of urban logistics lie in figuring out how best to bring various elements together, developing both the software and hardware that will help a city or region thrive. 


Join the talks

Join in the online talks on 19th November at 3pm CET and also listen to what our experienced line-up has to say. Host Jos Sluijsmans, Director of the International Cargo Bike Festival, will chat with Wilbert van der Kamp who created the Grokaalbox, Rogier Havelaar of PostNL and Natalia Tomiyama, founder of e-trailer producers Nuwiel.

Take note!

Have you already noted the date and time in your diary? Simply click  here or copy the link to the event website below when you’re ready…but you can already take a sneak preview of who and what to expect on the day.

Tune in for some seriously inspiring stories, live from Groningen.

The Cargo Bike Talks.