The City of Groningen has a plan

01 September 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Surflogh partners at the City of Groningen have developed a new plan for their inner city and its logistics. The overall goal is to improve air quality and the liveability of the city, thereby creating more space for people – pedestrians and cyclists – to enjoy.

Together with the transport sector, businesses and retail organizations, Groningen have designed a strategy to significantly decrease congestion as a result of deliveries, particularly in the narrow streets of the historic centre. Sjouke van der Vlugt, representing the Municipality in Surflogh, explains: “Our plan, ‘Space for Zero Emissions City Logistics’, includes the expansion of the delivery timeframes already in place in parts of the city so that more areas and the busiest shopping streets can only be supplied at certain times of the day. Ultimately, this same area will receive deliveries exclusively using emission-free transport modes (e.g. electric, hydrogen or cargobikes) from 2025.”


Following a round of public consultation meetings this autumn, the aim is to implement the new city logistics plans in 2022.

For the full story you can watch a short film (with English subtitles) here