The Cargo Bike Talks revisited

06 July 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Our Surflogh partners from the City of Groningen grabbed their podium at the recent Let’s Gro online festival to organize the first (but certainly not the last) Cargo Bike Talks. On 29th June, Jos Sluijsmans, Director of the International Cargo Bike Festival, in a new role as online anchorman, led discussions on the future and potential for cargo bike logistics with representatives of three different cargo bike companies from three European cities.

Ecokoeriers in Mechelen, Zedify in Edinburgh and Go Fast in Groningen have one thing in common: they’re all taking part in Surflogh.  Their involvement in the project helps us to investigate and trial the feasibility of efficient, eco-friendly cargo distribution in urban areas. Our shared view is to clear congestion, improve air quality and make our cities more liveable.


Inneke from Eco-koeriers

Talking the talk

What a great talk! It was really inspiring to listen to our biking heroes, Charlie  from Zedify in Edinburgh and Peter from Go Fast in Groningen as they shared and compared their physical and economic challenges, business strategies and motivations with Inneke from Ecokoeriers in Mechelen. They all have similar goals, varying challenges and very different landscapes. First mile versus last mile comparisons were made, and the pros and cons of certain cargo and a specific client base. From laptops to medicines to books and essential supplies…all is handled by these cycle-delivery champions. An added advantage to being online this year was that participants from all over (including cargo-bike fans from India and Canada!) could join in the session by asking questions in the chat. 



Charlie from Zedify Edinburgh & Glasgow


Peter from Go Fast in Groningen

Decade of the Cargobike

The panel also discussed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and how its effects their businesses. These varied and were strongly influenced by the severity of national lockdown strategies. One thing has become clear: something has got to change and this panel believes this will be the ‘ Decade of the Cargo Bike’ !

All are grateful for the opportunities offered by the Surflogh consortium. In turn, the project will continue to facilitate and support these great, green logistic initiatives in the North Sea Region.

In case you missed  it -or would like to watch again – you can revisit the Cargo Bike Talks webcast on the Lets Gro website: