The Borås Freight Network

01 April 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Our Swedish SURFLOGH partners have been evaluating their municipality’s freight network, set up to exchange perspectives, increase stakeholder engagement and create improved solutions for city logistics in Borås. On June 18th 2021, Borås Stad hosted a networking event to launch the official start.

One of the main purposes of the network is to create an innovative platform for knowledge exchange on city logistics from different perspectives. Participation is cross-sectoral, with  representatives from transport, the municipality, academia, retail and real estate. Borås believes that the involvement of a wide range of  stakeholders is key to the process of co-developing a sustainable city logistic system.

Constructive discussions

The initial meeting resulted in constructive discussions on various topics and challenges, and was highly appreciated by the participants.  This was refelected in the follow-up activity - a breakfast seminar last September with almost 50 participants from all relevant sectors.


Borås Freight Network breakfast seminar with key stakeholders

Broad knowledge base &  extensive experience

Clearly, different stakeholder groups have different needs. A freight haulier’s perspective is not the same as a transport advisor from the Municipality, for example. The range of organizations represented in the network also characterizes a broad knowledge base and  extensive experience in terms of  city-related logistics. A freight network can potentially play an important role within the future development of  city logistics, including  initiatives such as SURFLOGH’s Good Goods.

Benefits of established network

The Municipality is formally responsible for designing and maintaining the city’s infrastructure and the traffic system (except for national roads), including layout, regulations and more. These processes are handled internally to a large extent, with occasional dialogue or information exchanges at certain stages. However, there are exceptions when project development involves external stakeholders.

Full stakeholder engagement in an established freight network offers many benefits for the City as well as the private sector: 

  •  Wide support for and more adaptability to solutions for the challenges jointly discussed.
  • Continued participitation, leading to engagement, ownership and more acceptance of the ongoing development of city logistics measures.
  • Valuable exchange of expertise, firing knowledge- and experience-based solutions from various  perspectives, which renders better overall solutions.
  • Cooperation in existing  and new projects/processes, also saving time as contact lines are short and key functions have been recognized.


Sara Thiel, SURFLOGH Project Manager in Borås, presenting to the Freight Network

Following good examples

For Borås, the freight network in Gothenburg has been a good example to follow. There the network has been active since 2006, with 3-4 meetings annually. While there are many similarities between the freight networks in both cities in terms of stakeholder engagement and topics discussed, each has its own characteristics.  The challenges for city logistics in the municipality of Borås have  specific prerequisites and dicussions are  adapted in line with these.

The SURFLOGH consortium  also recognizes  the value of this shared practice –  developing a robust network with all players is crucial to stakeholder engagement. For our partners in Borås and the development of their pilot it has been very beneficial.

 It's a Good Goods example to follow!