Join us at the Surflogh Start Conference

01 October 2018 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Who owns the street? Perspectives on urban logistics challenges. CEOs from major international organizations will join the Surflogh partners, stakeholders from the transport and retail sectors, urban developers, universities and government authorities 1st November at the Grand Theater in Groningen. Doors open 13.30.

During the Surflogh Start Conference the multifaceted Ron Vervuurt will host an international group of experts from various fields in a talk show setting. This will be followed by a selection of workshops on four perspectives when dealing with the challenges of urban logistics : CITY * CORPORATE * CITIZEN * CONSUMER

We want to share experience and new ideas on much needed smart and sustainable solutions for last mile delivery in cities. While bringing you up to date on our plans within the Surflogh project, we really want to hear from you - as an expert, a customer and a citizen.

Read more about the conference and registration here or contact for further information on this or the coinciding  Partner Meeting.