SURFLOGH’s Green Logistics Challenge and COP26

14 October 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As the eyes of the world focus on Scotland for the upcoming COP26 Summit, there’s no better moment to emphasise the Climate Change emergency and face the real trials and tribulations of our time. SURFLOGH has been invited to contribute and will host a 3-day challenge event on greening city transport logistics on 5th – 7th November.

COP organizers see public involvement as pivotal in the climate action process and have invited inspirational projects and participants to join in. 'Products for the Planet' is part of the COP26 Climate Fringe, a platform for all of civil society to share events and connect around Climate Change and COP26. In line with the official theme of COP26 on 5th November (elevating the voice of young people and demonstrating the critical role of public empowerment and education)  our SURFLOGH colleagues at SEStran will be facilitating a digital hackathon based around future mobility and city transport logistics, with a goal to educating, empowering and inspiring public action.

Team challenge

Teams will be tasked to develop solutions that reduce the number of repeated visits to individual addresses, with a particular focus on residential locations. There are a variety of possible approaches - from changing consumer behaviour to streamlining city-wide logistics via policy/regulatory measures or the use of innovative technologies.

A hybrid weekend happening

The weekend hackathon will be hybrid, with face-to-face activities for participants and a livestream for other attendees. Friday evening introductions will be exclusively online, and teams will meet up live on Saturday and Sunday for ideation and prototyping. The final presentations will be livestreamed on Sunday, with the award-winning ceremony scheduled for 6pm GMT.

Mentors & jury members

Dr Jonathan Cowie from Napier University will mentor a team. Other SURFLOGH partners have been invited to contribute their green logistics expertise by joining as a team mentor or as an international jury member to award the winning hack. The challenge winners will also be given the opportunity to present at the next SURFLOGH event this November.

Watch this space for further updates!

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