Surflogh in Extra Time – a project extension

15 June 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
We are very pleased to announce that SURFLOGH has received a project extension from the Steering Committee of the Interreg NSR Programme in Call 12! This is a valued recognition of the consortium’s achievements so far and means we are now able to continue trialling and implementing sustainable solutions for urban freight logistics into 2023.

The SURFLOGH project has shown, with tangible results, that smart and sustainable urban logistics can be a powerful contributor to the improved quality of city life. Since 2017, the project partners have successfully collaborated to develop, implement and share smart and sustainable solutions with public and private parties concerned with urban logistics.

Tackling the conundrum

The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions linked to it, have exposed the urgent need for more, tailor-made inner-city logistics services and a restructuring of co-operations between all stakeholders.The livability of our cities depends largely on improved air quality, noise reduction, suitable accessibility and road safety. How can we benefit from the advantages of city life - entrepreneurs and citizens alike - and continue to receive goods and parcels? SURFLOGH is tackling this conundrum.

Testing, testing, testing

The Province of Drenthe, the South East Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran), Napier University and the Cities of Groningen, Mechelen and Boras have been testing a wide range of sustainable transport solutions to improve the city logistics puzzle in medium sized cities in the North Sea Region by:

  • Collaborating with service providers and retailers

  • Developing city hubs and locker services

  • Stimulating the wide-scale use of electric vehicles and cargo bikes.

Expanded scope

The SURFLOGH partners have used this collaboration to inform a large group of public and private stakeholders and to gain their commitment to concrete, sustainable initiatives. Now, with a targeted 18 month project extension, we are able to expand the scope of the project and contribute to some of the new and urgent challenges that have emerged during the course of the current project. SURFLOGH will now:

  • Set up eight new and innovative pilots (incl. drone deliveries, deploying autonomous vehicles etc.)

  • Update the business model framework

  • Align the current SURFLOGH logistics roadmaps in an open innovation initiative in the City of Perth

  • Proactively disseminate all results contributing to zero-emission urban logistics.

New opportunities

Understandably, the SURFLOGH partners are very encouraged and highly motivated by the new opportunities offered through the project extension. We aim to keep all stakeholders engaged and up-to-date, so be sure to follow progress on the project webspace or follow us on Twitter and LinkdIn.