Surflogh Drenthe – Pilot Kick-off at Internationl Conference

The pilot project of Surflogh’s Drenthe partner is about to kick off. It will be made official during the IPIC2018: 5TH INTERNATIONAL PHYSICAL INTERNET CONFERENCE to be held June 18 – 22 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

This five-day event, hosted by the University of Groningen, deals with smart, hyper-connected, efficient and sustainable logistics, supply chains and transportation. These topics are particularly relevant for Surflogh stakeholders and representatives from the industry, government, knowledge institutes and technology experts.

Check out the full programme and register while you still can

 We would like to draw your attention specifically to the schedule for the afternoon of Wednesday 20th.. Karel van der Lingen will give a presentation on freight hubs in the Netherlands and then officially open the Smart City Freight Hub Groningen-Eelde -  Drenthe’s pilot in the Surflogh project. Admission to this session on city logistics is free of charge for visitors and participants.  


During the course of the project Drenthe will design a concrete business case for developing a regional urban logistics hub. Rolf Meerbach, policy advisor for the Province of Drenthe for transport and infrastructure: “By establishing strong partnerships and networks with stakeholders we will work on tangible and innovative solutions for freight flows to the City of Groningen”.