SURFLOGH at Scotland's Climate Assembly

10 November 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Another great opportunity has arisen to showcase SURFLOGH and the work of our partners. Edinburgh Napier’s Jonathan Cowie has been invited to give a presentation to Scotland's Climate Assembly on 30th November.

The Assembly has invited the Transport Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University to give a number of presentations outlining TRi’s key areas of research. Dr Cowie will be specifically concentrating on the research associated with the SURFLOGH project, and in particular, the policy implications coming out of our work on the development of viable business models.  "Whilst in our research we have identified a number of successful business models, almost inevitably we have also identified key areas where policy development could considerably enhance commercial possibilities for green urban logistics", said Dr Cowie.

Need for action

At a policy level, freight transport is known to be a key contributor to climate change and there is now a recognition that action needs to be taken. Dr Cowie: “This underlines, once again, the importance of the work that we have been doing within the Surflogh collaboration.

Overcomimg the divides

The greening of freight logistics has to be balanced against its vital role in supporting economic and social well-being. A fundamental strength of the Surflogh project is that as academics we have been working closely with local authorities, policy makers, logistics providers and transport consultants. As such, we are able to overcome many of the divides that have existed between these key stakeholders in the past and can provide a direct link to support the necessary interaction.“

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