SirVlog in Mechelen

16 October 2019 - Published by Deirdre Buist
With a view to Zero Emissions in 2030, our Surflogh partners in Mechelen recently held a working session with the City's stakeholders - large businesses and players in the field of logistics.


During this first meeting of the Zero Emission Workgroup, some 40 participants were involved in brainstorm sessions in small groups.

Main questions to be answered were:

  • What can the City do to ease the transition towards zero emission logistics in freight distribution in 2030?
  • What can players in the field of logistics do themselves to facilitate this transition?

The results of these sessions will serve as input, together with best practices from other cities, when drawing up a convenant for green and emission-free city logistics by 2030.

Check out the SirVlog partners report here:

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Surflogh contact at the City of Mechelen: Veerle De Meyer or Alexandra Winderickx