SESTran is vlogging it for SURFLOGH in Edinburgh!

26 January 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Increased traffic congestion, air pollution and logistics gridlock form a huge threat to the livability or our cities. No news there. SURFLOGH was brought into being to tackle these issues by piloting a wide range of potential solutions in search of sustainable and smart ways to improve logistics flows. Now SESTran, one of our Scottish partners, has produced a vlog to flog their approach to the specific challenges that are characteristic for Edinburgh. They have certainly sold us with their inspirational examples of how to face some tough challenges and adopt a more future-proof, viable logistics alternative.

Edinburgh's unique challenges

The medieval city of Edinburgh has it’s own unique historical infrastructure – that’s not something one can change. The steep hills, cobblestones and lack of suitable infrastructure form serious challenges – not to mention the weather! “During our collaboration with Zedify and their Scottish delivery hubs, we’ve witnessed  how these cargo-bike delivery heroes have made exceptional adaptations to the particular challenges Edinburgh presents,” says Keith Fisken of SEStran. In terms of the  delivery fleet, the bikes have had to be continually adjusted to absorb the knocks of some extreme wear-and-tear conditions (including suspension, tyre pressure, width and size of trailer, weight distribution etc.) As a result, Zedify can now use existing cycling infrastructure and provide an efficient service – also proving to be a commercially sustainable logistics alternative.


Efficient, smart, green

“This is the future for inner city deliveries across the UK," says Keith.  “Cargo-bike deliveries, in combination with small electric vehicles. Efficient logistics are essential to every city. The SURFLOGH project has helped us  to create  sustainable solutions and develop a map towards smarter, greener ways of getting goods from A to B. It’s about keeping Edinburgh livable and successful, whilst improving air quality and the quality of city living.”

Inspired by similarities & differences

Keith has sold us on SURFLOGH’s success in Edinburgh and the benefits of working and learning  within this transnational collaboration. “Each partner has brought its own identity and challenges to the table. We’ve not only learned from the similarities but also been mutually inspired by the differences.”

Take a look at Edinburgh’s story: