Meet up in Mechelen

14 February 2019 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Surflogh partners met up again on 5th - 6th February to exchange updates on project progress and to share expertise during a transnational Innovation Lab. This time the setting was the historic, Belgian city of Mechelen where we were warmly welcomed by our international colleagues from Stad Mechelen.

undefinedFollowing a status report on project management and communication, the group (with a number of external stakeholders) were treated to a guided tour of the city – by bike – and enjoyed a ‘cycling lunch’ provided by various cargo-bike caterers. What a novel way to see the sights, green initiatives and sustainable projects supported and facilitated by the Municipality!

The afternoon programme evolved around a visit to the ODTH City Hub and transnational exchange during an Innovation Lab on consolidating and optimizing existing hubs. There were some inspirational discussions between the Surflogh partners and their invited stakeholders (bike couriers, city hub owners, strategic advisors and representatives from the Flemish Institute of Logistics) on new technologies, cooperating with bike couriers and stimulating electric transport. ODTH have set up a cooperation with Ecokoeriers under the banner of ‘ECOkoeriers Mechelen’ and have grouped services. 

'Rebel’, an advisory agency working on challenges of the future,  presented two tools for: 1) integral supply chains for retailers and 2) parcel delivery services.

On the second day Surflogh partners got down to business on the various work packages, interlinking research results with the project’s pilots. One conclusion so far: ‘If the transition in the transit sector is going to work, we need pioneers and people with passion to develop new initiatives in both policy and cargo logistics.’

 Meanwhile, preparations are also underway for the Surflogh Midterm Conference, to be held 29th May in Edinburgh, so watch this space for more news on that!

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