Mechelen's motivation - a liveable city centre

23 June 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Mechelen aims to free their beautiful city centre of congestion and improve the living environment by using ‘green’ delivery alternatives in the retail sector. Our Surflogh partners have made a movie that underlines the motivation to choose sustainable solutions.

While the EU targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions is the main driver behind many of our sustainability projects, this can be an abstract concept for the ‘man on the street’. Within Surflogh the participating cities are testing sustainable solutions for urban logistics with a view to de-congesting the city centres, improving air quality, reducing noise and making them more liveable. There are many stakeholders involved, with an important role for the retail sector.

Just watch this short movie made by the City of Mechelen to see how they have been motivating their citizens and stimulating sustainable delivery options in the inner city.