Mechelen – Leading logical logistics

30 September 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As first Belgian city, the City of Mechelen signed a zero emissions covenant with their logistics stakeholders during a ‘hybrid’ meeting of expertise on 25th September. This Surflogh gathering was part of a series of inspirational events under (F)aces of the Future, organized in collaboration with Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit and

Strategies & Green Deal

During the webinar, hosted by Veerle de Meyer from Stad Mechelen, partner cities Mechelen and Groningen shared their individual approaches and strategies as developed over the last years within, amongst others, the Interreg North Sea Region project SURFLOGH. Presentations on the Dutch and Flemish Green Deal for zero emissions and urban logistics were also an important part of the programme.


To underline the shared commitment towards a zero-emissions city centre, the more than 170 participants witnessed (online or live) the signing of a covenant by Mechelen City Council and all relevant logistics stakeholders. This covenant, containing concrete actions for those involved, will form an important guideline in the coming 10 years. As Councillor for Logistics Vicky Vanmarcke stated: “We’re now taking logical next steps in urban logistics. It’s time for real actions.”



Dutch speakers who missed out can still follow the session here

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