Measuring and assessing Surflogh results

24 June 2019 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On June 18th an innovation meeting was arranged by our Swedish partners at the Landvetter Airport Hotel focusing on mapping tools, data collection, and analysis within the Surflogh project. Main aim was to develop a common structure to ”tie together” the various sources of information and experiences regarding data mapping and related methodologies generated within the project.

First the focus was on methodology and available data and the partners presented their respective processes regarding  mapping and collecting information, as well as an overview of data available. Then the paricipants concentrated on the development of a common structure for compiling and presenting the information regarding methodology, data, and results of each case, as well as preparing for further analysis and reporting.


During this innovation lab an overview of the tools and methods used was succesfully created, as well as an inventory of the different kinds of data available from each partner (and at which stages in the project they´ll be ready for use). Furthermore, an outline was developed on how to compile this  information in a joint analysis, presentation and reporting structure for the project. Christoffer Widegren, representin WP4 leader Boras: ”These results form an ecellent foundation for the further work within  Work Package 4 , focussing on a baseline.”