Lockers - unlocking local potential

19 January 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 10th January the first of Surflogh’s three planned locker hubs in Drenthe started up at the busy transit hub at Gieten-Rolde. Due to COVID restrictions, no official opening but none-the-less a happening that enjoyed great media attention, including coverage on Dutch national TV news!

Encouraged by the successful implementation of locker delivery walls in the City of Mechelen, Surflogh partner Rolf Meerbach has adapted the idea to fit Drenthe’s more rural setting and is confident the pilot will prove successful: “Besides achieving our goals for greener logistics in the region, this locker service unlocks new business potential. Local entrepreneurs see real opportunities for expansion, particularly now, as online orders have become more the norm than the exception.”

Location, location

The locker locations have been carefully chosen with a view to customer convenience but also tick some more sustainable boxes. Project Manager Frans Hamstra from the Province of Drenthe: “People passing the busy transit hub in Gieten, for instance, can pick up their packages on the way home from work or school. No more missed deliveries, no more extra trips. By minimizing parcel delivery movements, we  aim to stimulate sustainable logistics while also supporting local and regional SMEs.”  

24/7 Service for all

Postal services such as DHL, businesses, web-shops and tourists – everyone can avail 24/7of the locker amenities, which uses QR-scan technology. Local retailers, keen to try alternative sales methods and expand sales and delivery opportunities, are implementing the business plan, while the pilot outcomes will be closely monitored in cooperation with a research team from Groningen University (RUG).

The remaining locker locations in Pesse and Dieverbrug will be up and running by the end of this January. All three locker locations are managed by one company – ’De Buren’. We’ll keep you posted on progress!