Home Delivery Pilot Survey

06 April 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Research partners TRI, of Edinburgh Napier University, and the Scottish South-East Scotland Transport Partnership (SESTran) have just initiated a SURFLOGH pilot survey on user views for home deliveries. This simple survey has been designed to accumulate data from an end-consumer perspective regarding the importance of delivery times, costs, awareness of environmental impacts and attitudes towards the use of greener, more sustainable alternatives.

“The opportunity to undertake this survey actually arose as a consequence of a student based project,” according to Dr Jonathan Cowie (Napier University).  “But it ties in very well with the work we are doing within the context of SURFLOGH.  Whilst our prime task is to identify viable business models for greening the last mile, we have increasingly found that policy has a major role to play in commercial viability.  Gaining more insight into the end user perspective will help to identify potential policy initiatives in this area.”

Rocketing e-commerce 

Since the start of the SURFLOGH project, e-commerce has rocketed. “The surge in home deliveries has been phenomenal, obviously accelerated by the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns,” says Keith Fisken (SESTran). “Yet virtually no research exists on consumer desires and demands as a consequence of these developments.”

Pilot survey

This “quick and dirty”  pilot contains questions aimed to "test the water" amongst online shoppers,  gain initial data on how  often they buy and how their goods are delivered. Can cargo bikes play a larger role, for instance? And what about the impacts on our environment? It is a first step towards a more extensive survey – based on stated preference – which our Scottish partners aim to launch next autumn. “The results from this pilot will inform the basis of the next survey,” Dr Cowie adds.

The home delivery survey takes less than a minute to complete…so why not? Our partners would really appreciate your response!