Heads up for the next Cargobikathon!

04 May 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Our calendars are now marked for the upcoming Cargobikathon in Groningen on 14 – 16th June. With delegates from all participating countries, the international SURFLOGH selection will hack it out with four regional teams on green logistics related issues.

The City of Groningen is organizing the latest  edition of the Cargobikathon in cooperation with the Student Advisory Commission (SAC) – which offers a fresh look at the spatial environment.  They are joined by Maatschappij Spaak, a socially oriented company  that places bikes at number 1. Spaak has introduced five goals centered around bycles, designed to create a happier, healthier society and a better environment. Their slogan: “Yes, let’s re-invent the wheel!”   

What the hack it’s all about?

With a booming delivery economy and more logistics then ever on our streets,  our city sidewalks are becoming increasingly clogged and  inner city shopping is often a real challenge for retail customers – particularly the less mobile. This raises the inevitable question: ‘Who owns the Street’?

Themes & teams

The exact theme of the hackathon will be determined shortly, in close consultation with the organizers.   The challenge will be then be further shaped, as needed, by the SAC through literature research, interviews and physical observations.

Besides the SURFLOGH squad  with representatives from Mechelen, Groningen, Drenthe, Edinburgh and Borås,  four more teams will be formed with a mix of delegates from  the delivery economy. Think of fast-food and meal deliverers, caterers and speedy supermarket suppliers, postal companies, construction and DIY businesses. Other potential team candidates will include students, city inhabitants and other  logistic stakeholders.

Transferable outcomes

Although the focus will be on the inner city of Groningen, the challenge and its outcomes could be transferable whereby the suggested solutions are applicable for other cities too.

Final details are currently being developed so  we’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, we look forward to another great SURFLOGH  ‘live event’ that can further contribute to sustainable solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve the livability of city environments.