Heads up for Dutch green logistics webinar

09 September 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Here’s a heads up for Dutch speakers concerned with sustainable logistics. On 25th September at 14.30, the City of Mechelen will be joined online by Surflogh partners from the Municipality of Groningen to present their approaches and initiatives in terms of greening logistics, as developed over the last years within the Interreg-EU SURFLOGH project.

The City of Mechelen has united with the existing collaboration Netwerk Duurzame Mobilitiet and to organize a webinar on sustainable logistics in an urban environment. This webinar is the first in a series of inspirational sessions as run up to the Faces of the Future event planned for 10th June 2021.


Programme & Registration

If you can speak/understand Dutch and would like to hear more about the Flemish and Dutch ‘Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics’ then this is an excellent opportunity. You can find the programme and registration link here.

Please join us on Friday the 25th September at 14.30.

In other words...

Met andere woorden

Als u meer wilt weten over de Vlaamse en Nederlandse 'groene initiatieven ontwikkeld tijdens het Surflogh project, kom op 25 september ontdekken hoe Mechelen en Groningen duurzame logistiek aanpakt en waarom een Green Deal Duurzame Stedelijke Logistiek zo relevant is.

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