Groningen hosts Cargo Bike Festival 2019

The City of Groningen will host the International Cargo Bike Festival 2019! This was decided during the annual edition of this event in Berlin on 14th- 15th April where ‘Team Groningen’ showed they are taking the promotion of green transport solutions in their city seriously.

Our Boys in Berlin

Our Surflogh partners, Sjouke van der Vlugt and Jeroen Berends from the Municipality of Groningen, were in Berlin (together with representatives from various authorities and organizations) to present, promote, exchange knowledge and share experiences with project partners and other cities. Jeroen elaborates: “Since the logistic challenges are the same for many European cities we can learn more about the next steps from each other. Over half of the traffic movements in Groningen are done by bike. That’s pretty phenomenal! More and more companies in the inner city receive deliveries by bike. By expanding our use of cargo-bikes in this context we can become an even greener city.”

Green Deal

And that’s part of ‘the Deal’. The Municipality of Groningen is a signatory of the Green Deal, together with the Dutch Ministry for Transport, other municipalities and the industry with a goal to zero emissions in their city logistics by 2025. Part of the solution is to create hubs on the edge of the cities for loading and unloading freight. “Within the scope of Surflogh Groningen leads WP 3, coordinating Innovation Labs, “ Sjouke adds. By bringing all the stakeholders from the regions and cities together we can learn from past experiences and find new solutions for the future. “

Watch this space

The International Cargo-bike Festival is an excellent platform for such an exchange. Watch this space for more details! Meanwhile, take a look at this fun and motivational film presented in Berlin by our Surflogh partners in Berlin’.



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