Groningen expands limited delivery zone

05 July 2022 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As part of their zero-emissions strategy, the City of Groningen has developed a re-zoning of the inner city. A new traffic order will be implemented in the autumn of 2022, meaning that the zone with limited delivery windows has been expanded to a greater area. SURFLOGH’s smart and green last-mile solutions are more relevant than ever.

Time-related delivery zone

The time-related delivery zone (venstertijdengebied) applies to vans and trucks, these can only enter the designated area between 5 am and 12 noon. The expansion is one of the latest measures to be taken by the Municipality as part of their policy to redesign the city streets with a shared space perspective. Groningen wants to allow more space for pedestrians and cyclists while reducing congestion and the negative impact of heavy vehicles on the livability of the city centre.

Ten-dimensional approach

Mobility is now one aspect in a ten-dimensional approach to the street that includes safety, accessibility,  health, social interaction, ecology, climate adaptation, economy and cultural history.

These most recent logistic limitations affect all suppliers, delivery services, residents and businesses in the designated area as the regulations regarding loading and unloading goods from vans and trucks apply for everyone. However, residents can ask for a limited exception under certain circumstances. SURFLOGH has been trialling and supporting many alternative delivery options here over the past few years. These will prove increasingly viable and are completely in line with the city's vision for the quality of public space and CO2 reductions.

You can read more about Groningen’s vision in their guideline for public space  in

New Space for Living - Quality of Public Space (Leidraad Openbare Ruimte)