Green & Slipper(y)

05 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
In collaboration with our Surflogh partners at the City of Mechelen, the Belgian postal service bpost has come up with a simple yet brilliant alternative for the current system of parcel deliveries. The company has placed more than 50 brand new package lockers in Mechelen’s Eco-zone…at so-called ‘slipper distance’!

Check this out:

In an effort to find improved solutions for the ever-increasing volumes for home parcel delivery as a result of online shopping, this service not only makes life easier for all but also has a positive impact on C02 emissions in the city. The lockers are always open, always close by. No more missed deliveries, no more multiple delivery vehicles at any given time in any given street. Customers can simply slip out to collect their parcel close by and are home again before their coffee is cold!

It’s a green logistics solution to make you green....with envy!  Green and slipper(y) post.