Good Goods' win-win

26 October 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Good Goods is a win-win. The Surflogh pilot in Borås, a goods distribution service, has received great positive feedback regarding the add-on service for picking up material for recycling. This service is currently being fine-tuned further to define the specifics in terms of maximum volumes, routes and prerequisites in order to optimize the efficienct coordination of handling goods.

More good news

There is more good news. Talks are now ongoing with a large, local haulier firm (subcontracted by a major grocery wholesaler) regarding possible cooperation for home deliveries to remote locations in the municipality of Borås. The idea is to do the pickups from the retailers in the central city with Good Goods, and then use the (relatively comprehensive) existing home-deliveries distribution network for groceries, to deliver to non central areas  or  neighbourhoods at the edge of the city.

Pumping up the volume

As with everything, the Covid crisis impacted the start-up of the waste collection service. But now, our Swedish partners are pumping up the volume.  They have added a number of new customers  and expanded the service to two days a week, with a view to the vehicle operating full time in the near future.

Good example

The Surflogh partners’ last physical meeting was in Borås last March, days befor the first lockdown. Then we had the opportunity to see the initiation of the recycle collection service first hand....and even give a helping hand. A really good example of transnational cooperation! Take a look at how our Scottish partner from GoSestran happily shows how it's done.


Keith Fisken of GoSestran cooperating and learning Good Goods lessons.


 Surflogh partners in Boras, March 2020