Good Goods goes next level

18 June 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The Municipality of Borås has now initiated the second phase of their Surflogh Good Goods pilot project by introducing an innovative waste-collection system. This next level combines perfectly with the ’green’ delivery service already succesfully running.

The introduction of this new system, for a more intensive and compact collection of household waste (paper, packaging etc.) in residential areas, is a direct result of close collaboration with Borås Energy and Environment,  the Borås City partners association and local enterprises. In their joint vision for 2025 they aim for a viable city centre, with car free zones and the use of innovative technical solutions to stimulate new sustainable systems for transport. Good Goods is a clear example of demonstrating the city’s goals to increase the well-being of citizens and the liveability of the city.  

Smaller, quieter, cleaner

”We’ve been waiting for some time to start this phase of our pilot and are therefore very happy to see our newest vehicle on the streets,” says Sara Thiel, business developer at the Municipality of Borås and project manager for Good Goods. The new vehicles are significantly smaller than traditional heavy duty biogas cars – as well as being cleaner (electric ) and quieter Thiel: ”This is an exciting and important step towards reducing noise and emissions while creating a safer inner city environment.”


Sara Thiel proudly presents the first prototype to the local and regional media.

Modifying waste collection

At Borås Energy & Environment their marketing manager Jonas Holmberg agrees. ” We see Good Goods as a possible solution for waste collection from multi-family buildings/apartment blocks and the more compacted residential areas as well as from local customers and retailers in Borås.There are many challenges in the city centre, with narrow streets and smaller areas making access difficult for our normal waste trucks. This could be a new way to modify our waste collection, with an improved and more flexible service based on customers needs and wishes.”

We'll keep you posted on further developments with this great Surflogh initiative.


During the Surflogh partner meeting (in Borås in March) particpants were treated to a demonstration of how the new waste collection vehicle works.

 Did you see the Movie explaining the Good Goods idea? Smart isn't it!