Go Fast is going faster!

14 January 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
The City of Groningen works closely with all stakeholders, connecting parties and stimulating green initiatives as they work towards sustainable and zero-emission logistics in the inner city by 2025. Often aided by EU funding. The Go Fast cargo-bike service is one such sustainable start-up initiative, supported by the Surflogh project, that is now speeding ahead.

Go Fast’s involvement in Surflogh has helped Groningen to trial the feasibility of efficient, eco-friendly cargo distribution in an urban environment. With the current pandemic impacting enterprises across the board, business is booming for our cycling heroes, partly as a result of increased online orders. Go Fast is now cooperating with StadLogistiek.


Peter Rugge of Go-Fast

Joining forces

The progressive peddlers at Go-Fast have joined up with the equally motivated logistics company StadLogistiek who have a delivery hub in the city centre – and are now going even faster!

At the StadLogistiek hub products arrive in bulk, drastically reducing the number of distribution runs for the suppliers. Goods are grouped and then delivered in one go by bike-courier (Go-Fast) or electric vehicle (StadLogistiek).

At the moment both parties have become the ‘go to’ service for local governments, hospitals and schools in and around Groningen, as well as retailers, printers, designers and various web shops - to name but a few. The positive client feedback is extremely encouraging. 

Future commitment

As the near future is being severely influenced by current affairs, it is uplifting to know that Surflogh's  joint commitment to greener logistics,  more liveable city environments and C02 reductions continues to accelerate sustainable logistic innovations. The City of Groningen has a fine example in this cooperation between Go-Fast and StadLogistiek: “We must pool our strengths and jointly seek solutions that lead to zero-emissions in the inner city. Let's go for it! Or as they say in Groningen…Kop der veur!"

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