First City Hub opens in the North of the Netherlands

On 20th June, and with great media attention, the ‘Goederenhub Groningen-Eelde’ (freight hub) was officially opened by Alderman Henk Brink, Executive Board Member of the Province of Drenthe, and Paul de Rook (Councillor of the City of Groningen) during the International Physical Internet Conference 2018. The freight hub starts off with a pilot as part of the Surflogh project.

Alderman Brink: “We are beginning with a pilot that focusses on the city centre of Groningen, but we expect this to quickly expand as a logistics hub for the whole region of Groningen-Assen. This freight hub fits in perfectly with the areal development of our regional airport.”

Ideal location

The hub will be run with the cooperation of a team from Royal FloraHolland Eelde, where it is situated. This location, on the border of Groningen and Drenthe, is just at the outskirts of Groningen city, close to the highway, waterway and Groningen Airport Eelde. This makes it extremely accessible for those larger lorries and trucks that would rather skip the traffic congestion of the city.

Sustainable and efficient

Groningen-Eelde Freight Hub is the place where cargo can be bundled so that the last mile of delivery is carried out as green and efficiently as possible, with cleaner forms of transport and a reduction of traffic movements. In this way the hub will play a central role in the Green Deal signed by the region to realise zero-emission city logistics by 2025.

The Groningen-Eelde Freight Hub is now part of the umbrella organisation ‘Goederenhubs Nederland’ which aims to develop a country-wide network of logistic hubs in the Netherlands.

For further information regarding this Surflogh pilot please contact Rolf Meerbach