Drone deliveries in Drenthe – first flights are imminent!

06 March 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As previously reported, SURFLOGH partners from the Province of Drenthe have been working closely with regional entrepreneurs and a number of logistics stakeholders to further develop the concept of parcel deliveries with drones. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and now we can announce that the first full test flights are imminent!

Drone Delivery Services are currently trialing precision deliveries so that a parcel can be directed to  land in exactly the right, pre-ordained locker. We've seen such things in James Bond movies, but this could soon be the norm! If the drone-to-locker concept works, this  opens a huge scope of possibilities – particularly for more rural areas where there’s not a delivery point on every corner of the street. By connecting with, for example, public transport hubs where SURFLOGH has successfully piloted parcel lockers, drone deliveries can be a valuable, added service – fast, reliable and accessible.



The final test  flight is planned for mid-March at the transport hub in Borger… meanwhile, here's a little teaser. 

Of course we’ll keep you updated on further developments and outcomes.

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