Drenthe's Drone Deliveries - the action movie!

03 April 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 17th March the first drone delivery to a parcel locker at a transport hub in Borger was trialed on behalf of the Province of Drenthe in cooperation with Drone Delivery Services. This first official test flight gained significant attention from regional politicians, local businesses and the media as the latest pilot investigates fast, smart and sustainable ways to foresee rural areas of urgent deliveries. And now there’s the action movie - deliveries never looked so exciting!

Maneuvers with precision

The drone, manually operated at a distance, maneuvered above trees towards the parcel locker 100 meters further where it hovered in position while a latch opened on the top. With the utmost precision, the wallet containing medicine was lowered and dropped, landing gently in the padded locker.

Sounds like a scene from James Bond or Mission Impossible? Well, now the partners have produced a cool film to illustrate the whole process. Actions speak louder than words...check this out!