Double Dates in Groningen

26 February 2019 - Published by Deirdre Buist
ICBF2019 & SUMP: In case it slipped your attention, here’s a reminder that the City of Groningen has the honour of organizing the International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) 2019. This three-day annual event, which aims to attract more than 500 participants, will take place in the centre of Groningen 14th – 16th June and promises to be jam-packed with inspiring activities!

The weekend festival starts off with a conference on Friday, followed by informative meet-ups, workshops and tours, and closes with a fun packed family day and Cargo Bike Parade on the Sunday.

Cities from all over Europe will take part in network meetings focussing on the use of cargo bikes, smart logistics and quality of life. The ICBF is the opportunity for visitors, users, designers, manufacturers, DIY-builders, and cargo bikes retailers to meet and motivate each other. Manufacturers of light electric freight vehicles are also encouraged to exhibit.

Politicians, avid urbanists, aspiring entrepreneurs and devoted developers can join in the discussions with expert speakers, thinkers and doers. Central themes will include better city living, smoother logistics and, of course, the use of cargo bikes as part of sustainable solutions for creating vibrant neighbourhoods and emission-free inner cities.

A number of Interreg projects will join SURFLOGH during the festival, including REFRAME and LIKE! (NSR programme) and Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelecs (or FCCP from the NWE programme). The full festival programme is currently being finalized but we will keep you updated. You can also find more information and register on the ICBF 2019 website. Meanwhile, get the idea by watching this cool film!


And if you are already visiting the beautiful City of Groningen, you might wish to double date by combining two events. Following the ICBF2019 is another Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Conference – SUMP on 17th – 18th June. Focus of this conference, is on providing support to sustainable and active cities, making cities more walkable and cycle-friendly.

The conference is co-funded by the European Commission in cooperation with the Municipality of Groningen.


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