Corona’s silver lining - Dropper works!

23 March 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
While we are all trying to adapt to the current situation and the limitations of necessary precautionary measures, there is an acute awareness that something must change. The transport world also needs to adapt and Surflogh is one of many collaborations in the North Sea Region Programme that facilitates sustainable initiatives in this sector.


In a recent article in the Dutch newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden  you could read how ‘Dropper’, one of the green logistics initiatives in Groningen, has proven it’s real value in this time of crisis. Jantine Doornbos has been working on sustainable city logistics with her company ‘ Dropper’ for a couple of years now. Together with her crew she has developed an IT-platform to optimize the use of bike-couriers in the inner city.


It seems that Corona has caused volumes to explode for this Groningen-based bike-delivery business. Jantine: “ We are now handling the volumes needed for a well-functioning system. With current Corona measures impacting the cities restaurants directly, everyone is looking for creative solution and Dropper’s turnover has more than doubled – it’s our breakthrough. Dropper has now been asked to help out in other cities and the number of online food orders and deliveries continue to rise. I don’t expect a relapse after this crisis.”

The dark cloud of Corona may prove to have a silver lining for many more initiatives working on sustainable solutions for the challenges we are now facing.

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