Check, check, check

22 April 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
On 19th April the SURFLOGH consortium met once again online to check up on progress and check off some deliverables, ensuring we’re still on track and inspiring each other with the latest pilot developments.

As the pandemic odyssey continues and travel restrictions deny us the opportunity for physical meetings, it is now more important than ever to plan systematic exchanges, updating knowledge and experiences on a regular basis. As SURFLOGH approaches the final phase of the original project this autumn (pending project extension approval) it is time to cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

Expansion prospects

With each partner presentation it became clear that we’ve been adapting very well to lockdown limitations and the consortium is continuously learning from the various pilots results and each other. The past year we’ve witnessed an acceleration of sustainable logistics processes and an explosive increase in online deliveries. As a result of this surge in flows data, business cases have become more robust and a number of tested concepts reveal opportunities for significant expansion prospects.

News nuggets

We noted a few news nuggets:

  • The City of Mechelen hosted the City Covenant Reunion on 20th April, inspiring and re-affirming all stakeholders’ commitment to a zero-emissions logistics future for Mechelen’s historic centre.

  • Results from the three locker hub pilots in Drenthe are very promising – with some surprises.

  • In Boras the waste collection aspect of the Good Goods pilot has been successfully upscaled – with even more growth predicted by this summer.

  • Zedify in Scotland were bursting at the seams and have moved house, launching a new cargo-bike delivery hub in the ‘compacter’ centre of Edinburgh.

  • In Groningen, plans for cargo-bike parking platforms are currently being developed - inspired by the winning hack from the recent Cargobikathon co-sponsored by SURFLOGH

  •  In cooperation with  'Faces of the Future', plans for the  next SURFLOGH conference in Mechelen are in full swing.


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