Business in Borås - staying local, going digital

24 November 2020 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Times have been very tough for many businesses during the Covid pandemic - and that is no different for the retail sector in Borås. Our Surflogh partner in Sweden has seen a significant expansion in the e-commerce market. Quickly adapting to the current challenges, a group of shopowners in the city have joined forces - in coordination with Borås City - to create a new local, digital marketplace which will be launched this month.

The idea is to enable the residents in the municipality of Borås to order goods from local shops, pay by checkout and have the goods delivered to their doorstep the same day. As a further service added to the Good Goods concept, these deliveries are to be carried out by electric vehicles.

Supporting community

A number of local shops see great potential for the project as it meets changing customer behaviour and demands. Many people in Boras prefer to shop locally – supporting their own retail community in these challenging times.  The new platform will significantly increase the opportunities to go local and simplify online purchasing . An important part of the concept is same day delivery, which will be possible for orders placed before 5:00 PM, and offered to residents in the centre of Borås and the surrounding areas.

Scaling up

”Scaling up the Good Goods project with this sustainable home delivery service feels like a great step forward,” says Sara Thiel, acting Head of Business Development for Borås City. ” This will enable a more viable city for the future, strengthening our ambition to create a quieter, cleaner and sustainable city centre.”


Sara Thiel and Good Goods colleagues. (Photo: Johannes Glans)

Ready for launch

The e-trade platfom will be launched at the end of November, starting off with eight participating shops but more are expected to join once all is up and running. This pilot is a cooperation between Borås City, Borås Traders’ Association, Zipadoo (digital platform) and Good Goods,  supported by the Surflogh project.

Anna Mattson, responsible for digital business development issues at the city administration, underlines that this intensive collaboration between the private sector and the city administration may have resulted in the first overall solution of it’s kind in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Take a look at Borås' new digital trading platform