Breakfast in Boras

06 October 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As our Swedish partners in Borås continue to develop their sustainability goals and ambitions for a vibrant and liveable city centre, the municaplity organized a ’Green Breakfast’ for key stakeholders of the Good Goods pilot on 28th September.

Some 50 participants attended the event, including representatives from the transport and logistics sector, retailers, policy advisors and politicians, and property owners. All important players in the Good Goods concept.


Smart sustainable solutions

Breakfast began with a lecture from speaker Christer Ljungberg on smart sustainable transport solutions and creating attractive cities of the future. Main message from Christer; ” The question is not if but when. And the sooner the better.”



Loading waste

Commitment & collaboration

Project Manager Sara Thiel then presented the Surflogh pilot Good Goods, assisted by Elyas  (who is goods transporter in the project) and Jonas Holmberg from the work group focussing on waste and recycling aspects. It was inspiring to see the enthousiastic discussions that followed and the general commitment to the project and the theme of green logistics. The issues are often complex, there is plenty of work still to be done, but Good Goods is considered to be a very important investment for the city. 

Collaboration on all fronts – both locally and internationally – forms a solid  basis for this success.


 Unloading goods

 Top photo: The Good Goods Working Group