‘Another year...and what have we done?’

09 December 2019 - Published by Deirdre Buist
As the festive season approaches, the Surflogh partners are taking stock of what has been achieved over the past year. So too in the City of Mechelen. Check out this compact overview of activities to get an impression of how the municpality has been facilitating green logistics and stimulating the liveability of their city centre in 2019.


Last February, Mechelen organised a hackathon in cooperation with the Thomas More University. 70 Logistics Management students participated and worked 24 hours on one question: how to make Mechelen a sustainable, accessible and liveable city by 2030?

During this Surflogh hackathon valuable connections were made with various logistics players, including DPD and DHL, resulting in the launch of a number of sustainable initiatives and pilot projects.

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DPD parcel service

DPD started a pilot project with an electric van in Mechelen. With this electric van, DPD will be doing their last mile delivery with zero emissions. The autonomous van can cover a distance of some 165km, which is perfect for routes with around 120 stops.



DHL's cubicycle

DHL started a pilot in October, doing deliveries with their e-cargobike, the Cubicycle. The Cubicycle can load up to 125kg and operates from the city hub ODTH. DHL not only does deliveries by cargobike in the city centre, but also in the surrounding neighbourhoods.




Since November there are three new smart Cubee-lockers to be found in the city of Mechelen. These lockers contribute to consolidated deliveries and people can pick up their parcel whenever it suits them best.

These pilots have been very inspiring for other partners and stakeholders and we’re looking forward to deepening our cooperation and exchange of practices in the new year.