A Zero Emission Reunion

28 April 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
In September 2020, the City of Mechelen and urban logistics stakeholders in the municipality committed to a long term zero-emissions strategy by jointly signing a covenant. Behind the scenes a broadly representative working group managed to organize this event in a hybrid setting – an achievement in itself! The group reunited on 20th April, this time online

Covenant co-signatories

Some 35 covenant co-signatories, logistics players and interest groups from the freight distributions sector received a progress update from our Flemish partner regarding the achievements and current status of a wide range of sustainability initiatives and pilots, also facilitated by SURFLOGH.



Mechelen's Zero-Missions Covenant signatories re-unite online

Interactive & inspiring

The meeting programme was engaging and interactive. Considering the limitations of such digital discussions, the brainstorm sessions proved very constructive as participants offered insightful, potential solutions for the location of dedicated loading and delivery bays in restricted zones in the inner city. The audience was also treated to an inspiring look to the future of zero-emission transport and logistics, presented  by Mark Pecqueur. Mark is a popular speaker due to his scientific background and extensive knowledge on automated mobility, energy, hydrogen technology and more. His outspoken vision for the future of transport is clearly in line with SURFLOGH's ambitions . 

The workgroup in Mechelen will continue to work closely to achieve their goals for sustainable urban freight logistics – as a united and dedicated force.


Watch highlights (Dutch & English)

Read Mechelen's  Zero Emissions Covenant  (English version)