Full House for Surflogh

09 November 2018 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Although Surflogh has been up and running for a while now, the collaboration marked the start of the project in style by holding a conference on the 1st November. “Who owns the street?” Perspectives on urban logistics challenges, had a full house of stakeholders and logistics experts at the Grand Theatre in Groningen.

The Vice Mayor of Groningen, Paul de Rook, welcomed more than 100 participants and officially opened the conference. Then  Ron Vervuurt, host for the day, kicked off energetically by guiding  a talk show. After short introductory presentations by Jeroen de Willigen and Peter Vanden Abeele (City Architects of Groningen and Ghent resp.), Patrick Leysen of BP and Rogier Havelaar of PostNL followed suit and took their positions on stage for some lively discussions. This was designed to be a thought-provoking warm up for the ensuing workshops.

Each of the four workshops dealt with the challenges of urban logistics from a different perspective: City, Corporate, Citizen, Consumer. And in the intimate settings of the beautiful old theatre, behind the scenes and high in the upper eaves, groups exchanged their views and experiences, plans and visions on how to keep our cities liveable, clean and future-proof . Discussions focussed on finding solutions for how to deal with the logistics issues current technological innovations have also contributed to.

In conclusion, this Surflogh opening event got great reviews during the networking reception at the end of the day. If you were there, thank you for attending and for contributing. If you missed it, be sure to join our next event!