A Flemish First! Mechelen, Bpost & SURFLOGH

05 July 2021 - Published by Deirdre Buist
In the world of sustainable urban freight deliveries, we are excited to announce that the City of Mechelen has a first! As a direct consequence of the covenant signed with the city's logistics stakeholders within SURFLOGH, Bpost is already delivering and collecting 100% emissions-free in the ECO zone!

This significant news was shared during a recent press conference. “Mechelen and bpost are a great match and really come together in the ECOzone pilot”, says Vicky Vanmarcke, Alderman for mobility, proudly. As part of the SURFLOGH project, the 2800 postal zone is the prime testing ground for expanding on innovative initiatives as we aim for the joint goal of zero-emission city logistics.”


Setting a good example

To this end, bpost have invested in a fleet of 65 electric vans and 6 extra cargo bikes and there are currently no less than 3 large bpost lockers and 57 smart collection points for small packages at 44 different locations in the Mechelen area. The small collection points within walking distance…you can do it on your slippers, is the slogan…are particularly popular. More than 80% of the citizens walk or cycle to collect or send their package post. This behavioural change, together with bpost’s emission-free services, is good for a CO2 reduction of 0.6 ton! “We are delighted to set such a good example for other cities as a result of this excellent collaboration with bpost,” adds Vanmarcke.

Green Deal & Covenant

The City of Mechelen is committed to zero-emissions inner-city deliveries by 2030. Mechelen signed the Flemish ‘Green Deal’ for sustainable logistics in 2019, together with a number of practical projects and zero-emission working groups. A year later Mechelen underlined their ambitions by also signing the Sustainable Urban Logistics Covenant with an extended network of stakeholders. The Covenant contains actions and goals for the various parties involved. Consequently, 29 parties signed their commitment to a zero-emission city centre. The first in Flanders!


Marina De Bie, Alderman for Sustainability and Smart City, tells more: “The covenant signifies our general approach to the European goals for zero-emissions freight distribution in cities by 2030. Our partner bpost has already achieved this. The citizens of Mechelen are rewarded with improved air quality, less traffic pollution and easy parcel collection services as a result of their investments and smart choices. Bpost is an absolute frontrunner and Mechelen loves a winner, certainly in terms of climate ambitions!”

ECOzone success

More than 10% of Mechelen’ s inner city traffic flows is freight related. The ECOzone pilot project, one of many green logistics initiatives facilitated by SURFLOGH, has been very successful and is rated with an average of 9.3 by respondents during a recent survey.


You can read more (in Dutch) about Ecozone in Mechelen