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SURFLOGH presents to Scottish Climate Assembly

08 December 2021

On 30th November, our Scottish SURFLOGH partners were invited to present the project and current research results to Scotland’s Climate Assembly. Dr Jonathan Cowie from Edinburgh Napier University …

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High scores for SURFLOGH’s locker pilot in Drenthe

25 November 2021

The success of the delivery lockers at public transport hubs in rural Drenthe has not gone unnoticed and continues to receive widespread media coverage, nationally and regionally. Following this insp…

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Our COP26 Climate Change Hackathon

11 November 2021

COP26 has been dominating the news and we're all looking at the World Leaders in Scotland, awaiting some key outcomes towards protecting the future of our planet. Such outcomes and real change must a…

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SURFLOGH at Scotland's Climate Assembly

10 November 2021

Another great opportunity has arisen to showcase SURFLOGH and the work of our partners. Edinburgh Napier’s Jonathan Cowie has been invited to give a presentation to Scotland's Climate Assembly on 30t…

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Parcel lockers & Hubs in Drenthe – watch this!

05 November 2021

Surflogh has facilitated the implementation of a parcel locker pilot at three hubs in the Province of Drenthe, namely Gieten, Rolde and Dieverbrug. This successful sustainable concept, whereby you can…

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Mechelen upscales succesful SURFLOGH & Ecozone pilot

27 October 2021

The City of Mechelen has committed, for the next 10 years, to the further implementation and development of smart lockers installed in the Ecozone pilot as part of the SURFLOGH project. This extensio…

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SURFLOGH’s Green Logistics Challenge and COP26

14 October 2021

As the eyes of the world focus on Scotland for the upcoming COP26 Summit, there’s no better moment to emphasise the Climate Change emergency and face the real trials and tribulations of our time. SUR…

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Breakfast in Boras

06 October 2021

As our Swedish partners in Borås continue to develop their sustainability goals and ambitions for a vibrant and liveable city centre, the municaplity organized a ’Green Breakfast’ for key stakeholder…

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Discussing Mobility of the Future in Mechelen

28 September 2021

This year, European Mobility Week kicked off in the Belgian city of Mechelen with an Inspiration Day event titled (F)Aces of the Future, organized by the Network for Sustainable Mobility,…

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SURFLOGH Expertise Recognised in Urban Logistics Handbook

14 July 2021

As a result of their research within the SURFLOGH project, Dr Jonathan Cowie of Edinburgh Napier University and Keith Fisken of SESTran, have been invited to contribute a chapter on cycle logistics to…

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