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Lockers - unlocking local potential

19 January 2021

On 10th January the first of Surflogh’s three planned locker hubs in Drenthe started up at the busy transit hub at Gieten-Rolde. Due to COVID restrictions, no official opening but none-the-less a hap…

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Go Fast is going faster!

14 January 2021

The City of Groningen works closely with all stakeholders, connecting parties and stimulating green initiatives as they work towards sustainable and zero-emission logistics in the inner city by 2025. …

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First ever Cargobikathon!

12 January 2021

Stronghouse partners at the City of Groningen are organizing a hackathon - or more accurately a ‘Cargobikathon’ from 9th – 18th February 2021. To find solutions and help facilitate a sustainable logis…

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New Year, New Normal, New Future

04 January 2021

On behalf of the Surflogh partners, we wish you an inspirational 2021! Our New Year's resolution is clear. The consortium is more committed than ever in its efforts to support and test green logisi…

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Lockers & Hubs in Drenthe

08 December 2020

Our Surflogh partner at the Province of Drenthe has been developing a trial with parcel delivery lockers and is now set to go! The new Drenthe pilot was also presented to local businesses and entrepre…

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Surflogh presents at Freight & Logistics Forum

03 December 2020

Surflogh’s Sottisch partner SEStran will be holding the final Freight & Logistics Forum of this year on the 9th December at 15:00 – 17:00 CET. Just as during the recent POLIS2020 Conference, the citie…

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Surflogh at POLIS Conference 2020

25 November 2020

On Monday 30th November Surflogh partners from the Cities of Groningen and Mechelen will present at the Annual POLIS Conference 2020.

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Business in Borås - staying local, going digital

24 November 2020

Times have been very tough for many businesses during the Covid pandemic - and that is no different for the retail sector in Borås. Our Surflogh partner in Sweden has seen a significant expansion in …

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Did you hear the latest Cargo Bike Talk?

23 November 2020

The 2nd edition of the Cargo Bike Talks was held online and broadcast live from the city of Groningen on 19th November. Jos Sluijsmans, Director of the Cargo Bike Festival, chatted with representative…

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There's Talk: Groningen as Cargo-bike Capital!

12 November 2020

Great news! We’re delighted to announce that the second edition of The Cargo Bike Talks will be broadcast live on 19th November at 3pm CET. Our Surflogh partners from the City of Groningen are once a…

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