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SURFLOGH Final Conference

12 April 2023

March 28th marked the moment. It was time for SURFLOGH to present the consortium’s results and key learnings as the project nears its closure date. For this special occasion, the partners joined force…

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Drenthe's Drone Deliveries - the action movie!

03 April 2023

On 17th March the first drone delivery to a parcel locker at a transport hub in Borger was trialed on behalf of the Province of Drenthe in cooperation with Drone Delivery Services. This first official…

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We’re flying high with SURFLOGH drone deliveries!

24 March 2023

SURFLOGH partners and stakeholders in Drenthe are flying high! On 17th March the first drone delivery to a parcel locker at a transport hub in Borger was trialed on behalf of the Province of Drenthe …

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SURFLOGH's Final Meeting in Bremen

20 March 2023

Since the kick-off in 2018, SURFLOGH has focused strongly on engaging with logistics stakeholders and optimizing the exchange of knowledge and experience. The consortium’s final meeting is now pending…

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09 March 2023

SURFLOGH has been working on smart and sustainable solutions for urban freight logistics for more than three years now. It's time to reflect and take score as we head for the final phase and our last…

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Drone deliveries in Drenthe – first flights are imminent!

06 March 2023

As previously reported, SURFLOGH partners from the Province of Drenthe have been working closely with regional entrepreneurs and a number of logistics stakeholders to further develop the concept of pa…

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Groningen’s zoning towards zero emissions

28 February 2023

The 1st February 2023 marked the official start of the expanded zoning and adapted time slots for freight delivery in Groningen, meaning that no vans or trucks are allowed into the designated inner ci…

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Mechelen’s meeting of minds - zero emissions & data

15 February 2023

Meanwhile in Mechelen, the Zero Emissions Working Group came together once again on 7th February. During this meeting of minds, motivated stakeholders and co-signatories of the city’s covenant for sus…

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SESTran is vlogging it for SURFLOGH in Edinburgh!

26 January 2023

Increased traffic congestion, air pollution and logistics gridlock form a huge threat to the livability or our cities. No news there. SURFLOGH was brought into being to tackle these issues by piloti…

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Is Rudolf redundant?

08 December 2022

These are extra busy times for delivery services – with so many parcels from Santa, family and friends to be delivered. According to traditional Christmas legend and popular culture, Santa Claus’s sle…

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