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30 March 2020

Within Surflogh there is a large focus on the implementation of pilots, but besides this the partnership organizes conferences, innovation labs and hackathons during the course of the project to disco…

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Corona’s silver lining - Dropper works!

23 March 2020

While we are all trying to adapt to the current situation and the limitations of necessary precautionary measures, there is an acute awareness that something must change. The transport world also need…

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What the Hack! : Hacking the Last Mile in Boras City

23 March 2020

As a run up to the most recent partner meeting, hosted by our Swedish partners in Boras, a hackathon was held amongst a number of student teams to find new and creative solutions to challenges and iss…

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Expanding potential of logistics hub in Drenthe

27 February 2020

On 11th February a group of logistics stakeholders came together for a brainstorm session to discuss ideas for using the Royal FloraHolland location in Drenthe to its full potential.

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Urban Freight Strategy for Groningen City Centre

13 February 2020

In 2020 Groningen presents its strategy for urban freight in the city centre. For the City of Groningen, our project partner, this is also the main stage for Surflogh activities and testing ground fo…

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City Hub Groningen & e-cargo bikes deliveries

11 February 2020

The city centre of Groningen functions as the main stage for our partner's Surflogh activities and pilots. As one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands, we see an increase in logistics tr…

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Exploring logistics in Edinburgh

13 January 2020

In collaboration with ZEDIFY Logistics, SEStran and Edinburgh Napier University continue their meaningful action research on sustainable logistics.

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Hubs & Hiccups

09 January 2020

As part of the Surflogh project, the Province of Drenthe initiated a pilot in collaboration with the freight hub ‘Goederen Hub Groningen Eelde’ from November 2018 to May 2019. Aim was to test the econ…

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It's gonna be a Good Goods Christmas in Borås

23 December 2019

The Good Goods pilot has started in perfect time for the Christmas rush. The aim of Good Goods is to reduce exhaust emissions and noise in the centre of Borås, make the streets safer and improve the w…

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Good Goods - on the road in Boras

16 December 2019

Why let heavy fossil fuel trucks drive in and out of town with goods and waste, when smaller vehicles, powered by electricity or biofuel, can do the job so much more smoothly? Just as the city centre …

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