Welcome to SURFLOGH's webspace. SURFLOGH is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Core challenge of the project is to achieve a more efficient cargo distribution in urban areas, and thereby maintain efficiency in long distance transport. To promote efficient logistics sustainably, the focus is on optimizating the interaction between hubs ande urban logistics sysetm in smaller and medium-sized cities and city networks.

Surflogh is innovative in that it introduces a 'system and supply chain approach'  in developing these hubs, as apposed to past projects that focussed on location -  making them really 'smart'.  By establishing city labs a transnational platform is created, bringing various actors together to exchange knowledge, work on new pilot projects and implement the results within policy stategies and urban logistic systems.


Latest Project News

Good Goods - the movie

11 September 2019

Our Surflogh partners in Borås aim to positively impact the city’s environment by reducing heavy traffic in the city centre. The Good Goods project…

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Measuring and assessing Surflogh results

24 June 2019

On June 18th an innovation meeting was arranged by our Swedish partners at the Landvetter Airport Hotel focusing on mapping tools, data collection, an…

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Inspiring Double Bill in Groningen- ICBF19 & SUMP19

22 June 2019

For cargo-bike fans and sustainable urban mobility planners Groningen (NL) was certainly the place to be from 14th – 18th June. Altogether, this year’…

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Surflogh Scotland shines at STAR Conference

18 June 2019

On 22nd May our partners Jonathan Cowie (Edinburgh Napier) and Keith Fisken (SESTran) presented the initial results to emerge from one of the SURFLOGH…

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Succesful SURFLOGH Midterm Conference in Edinburgh

11 June 2019

The South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran), jointly hosted the SURFLOGH mid-term conference along with the Transport Research Institut…

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