Welcome to SURFLOGH's webspace. SURFLOGH is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Core challenge of the project is to achieve a more efficient cargo distribution in urban areas, and thereby maintain efficiency in long distance transport. To promote efficient logistics sustainably, the focus is on optimizating the interaction between hubs ande urban logistics sysetm in smaller and medium-sized cities and city networks.

Surflogh is innovative in that it introduces a 'system and supply chain approach'  in developing these hubs, as apposed to past projects that focussed on location -  making them really 'smart'.  By establishing city labs a transnational platform is created, bringing various actors together to exchange knowledge, work on new pilot projects and implement the results within policy stategies and urban logistic systems.


Latest Project News

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings

21 December 2021

The SURFLOGH partners would like to wish all followers, fans and stakeholders in our network and the green logistics sector a happy and healthy end to…

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Synergies, strategies & sustainable solutions

20 December 2021

On 17th December, the SURFLOGH consortium held an online pre-Christmas gathering, the first in a series of innovation labs organized and chaired by o…

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SURFLOGH presents to Scottish Climate Assembly

08 December 2021

On 30th November, our Scottish SURFLOGH partners were invited to present the project and current research results to Scotland’s Climate Assembly. D…

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High scores for SURFLOGH’s locker pilot in Drenthe

25 November 2021

The success of the delivery lockers at public transport hubs in rural Drenthe has not gone unnoticed and continues to receive widespread media coverag…

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Our COP26 Climate Change Hackathon

11 November 2021

COP26 has been dominating the news and we're all looking at the World Leaders in Scotland, awaiting some key outcomes towards protecting the future o…

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