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For information about the Sullied Sediments project, contact:

Project Lead
Professor Jeanette Rotchell
University of Hull 
(+44)1482 465333 

Project Coordinator
Annabel Hanson
East & North Yorkshire Waterways Partnership
(+44)1482 391678

Sampling Database

Data collected from 18 surveys across three river catchments over 30 months


The Sullied Sediments project aims to improve sediment and dredged material assessment in order to improve the environmental safety without increasing costs substantially. “Environmental safety” relates to decreasing the probability current or prospective hazardous effects being overlooked. Our hypothesis was that this decrease would be possible by integrating biotest data into a sediment and DM assessment framework as one line of evidence next to chemical sediment quality criteria (and possibly biological community data). Data on ecotoxicity, chemical contaminants, sediment properties and biological community status were gathered during 18 sampling surveys in three river catchments, each with different characteristics, over the course of 30 months and collated into this database:

Sullied Sediments Sampling Database

The following PDF provides an explanation of the drivers for Work Package 3 - Sediments, the reason for setting up the database, how partners went about compiling the sampling data and what information is contained in the database:

Sullied Sediments Sampling Database - Overview

Professor Susanne Heise, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, has prepared a 33-minute video that provides a detailed explanation of how to use the Sullied Sediments sampling database. To view this video please visit our You Tube channel here.

If you use this database in any way, we respectfully ask that you acknowledge the source and our funder by stating that the data has been generated by the Sullied Sediments project, which has been co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme.

We hope that you find this to be a useful resource. Please let us know what you think.